Tuesday 5 January 2010

Christmas and New Year 09

Christmas and New Year 09

The build up to Christmas included baking the cake and making the pudding. Donna got things organised and with a little inspration from Delia the cake was made over 4 weeks. First the cake was made, then marzipanned, then iced and then decorated using coloured marzipan to create a beautiful poinsettia flower. Gordon, Olive and Betty H used the left over marzipan to make marzipan sweets, either for themselves or for presents.

Making the pudding included everyone having a stir and making a wish.

We went to the church for the famous Fakenham Christmas tree festival. It was quite a spectacle as ever and because we went on a Thursday we enjoyed seeing the market stalls on the way there and back.

Pearl, Peggy, Betty and Jennifer enjoy the Winter sun on Bridge Street

We were worried that, due to the building work we would be pushed for space at the residents' christmas party but the snowy weather meant a lot of people didn't make it. Luckily Patsy Rose and her guitar did manage to get there and we had a great time. As well as song and dance we had pass the parcel which for some unlucky people meant a forfeit. Pictured is Dorothy, really getting into the swing of things and acting like a monkey! Sylvia really enjoyed herself too.

On Christmas eve John Harris came as usual to play Carols on the piano. Father Christmas actually failed to make an appearance this year as he hadn't managed to organise presents for everyone in time. Never mind, better luck /organisation next year!

We forgot the camera on New Years eve but Tim and Donna came for the party and we gathered in the big lounge for music and games and a glass or two. The CD with Auld Langsyne on went wrong but we didn't need modern technology and managed to hold hands and give a good rendition anyway.

For some reasdon the camera decided to take this photo of Maria and Betty C in black and white.