Friday 15 June 2012

Ride Out to Sandringham Rhodedendrons

We thought we might have left it a bit late, what with the Jubilee and all the rain we've been having, but there was still a good display.   In shady areas it was still really quite vivid. We did our usual tour around Wolferton and stopped to admire the old station. Harry pointed out that when the King died his body would have been taken from there by train to London. We then drove around the scenic drive spotting squirrels before stopping at the visitors' centre for refreshment. Harry's daughter Jill and husband David were following behind in their car and were a great help ferrying ice cream from the kiosk to the bus. On the way home we took the back roads past the Royal Stud, through Anmer and Houghton. We went up the drive to Houghton Hall and admired the Hall and the pond but the deer were a bit too far off to see well. We got back just in time for tea. Gary was coming after tea to do Tai Chi and what with movement to music in the morning it was a busy day.

Just before we set off Keith Osborne the photographer doing the photos for the new website, came to take a snap of the happy party!

Keith is a man of many talents and has helped design the new logo and sign.

Thanks to David who came along as bus conductor.