Wednesday 29 August 2012


Fakenham Carnival procession passed right by our gate on Saturday. We had an early lunch but it was still a rush to get outside in time.  Whilst there wasn't a huge amount of floats it was still a bit of fun and we gave them all a good cheer as they went past. We got a much better look at the Olympic torch too as the last time we'd been to see it, it had passed by a bit quickly. That afternoon there was a fete / fair going on at the Millenium Park and we made the trek up Queen's Road to go and have a look. All the time some very black and blue clouds with lightening flashes were getting ominously close. This didn't make for the most relaxing of backdrops and we didn't stay long before bolting for home. It turned out to be a wise decision as soon afterwards it poured down.

The Dragon

The Olympic Torch

Stilt Walkers

It's Coming..

It'sstill coming