Friday 17 August 2012

Picnic at Sandringham

Donna had got everyone making Sandwiches at Chat Club on Tuesday morning  so the question of actually having a picnic came up. Since the weather looked good and the bus was available we decided on Thursday afternoon with the only tricky thing being where to go. We thought Sandringham would be good as there would be shady spots or sunshine and it's quite sheltered from the wind. 

Mary and Edna

Renee Frodo and George

The Party

Harry and Jill

John and Kayleigh

We took a scenic route there, going through Bircham and Anmer. Harry knew the area well having spent a lot of time working at Bircham. Having gone round the scenic drive we found a good spot not far from the vistors' centre ( and toilets). Thankyou to every who came and helped and to Harry's daughter Jill who took some of the photos.