Wednesday 17 July 2013


We have been on one of our more ambitious outings on a cruiser on the broads. Sue, Nikki and Tim accompanied the intrepid residents to Horning. Getting there was an outing in itself but the journey went smoothly and once we had found the boat and were all satisfied that it wouldn't sink we soon boarded and got underway. We headed up river towards Wroxham, going past some very grand houses and boats before getting out into nature. We stopped off at Salhouse Broad for a picnic lunch and after lunch, right on cue the ice cream man turned up in his little boat complete with giant cone on the front. We were very lucky with the glorious weather and it was pleasantly breezy on the water so we were surprised how hot it was when we got back to land and the bus. Special thanks to Sue and Nikki for their caring and enthusiasm and Pearl for the wonderful picnic and also to Phil and Bernard the crew of the boat who were brilliant. All in all a wonderful day.

Enid Renee and Mick walk up the gangplank


The Ice cream man


John Enid and sailing boat in the background.

John and Enid

Mary C


All on board

Setting Off

Sue, Phil and Renee

The Girls - Ellen, Renee and Joan S