Sunday 14 July 2013

Out and About in the Sunshine

We decided to make the most of the good weather and went to feed the ducks at Gogg's Mill. It was a pleasant walk up through the town centre and then down the path to the river. We were resting and feeding the ducks when Ellen's contemporary Ken and his dog Jinx passed by and stopped for a chat. Ellen is 2 months older than Ken and they went through primary school together and grew up together. 

We were aiming for some light refreshment at Hempton Bell and stopped to feed some more ducks at Hempton Pond. Unfortunately the pub was closed so we had to save our thirst and wait for a cold drink when we got home.
Ready for the Off

Donna Renee and Enid

At Gogg's Mill

Edna and Mary M

Ken and John

Mary C

Donna Jinx Edna and Mary

Kayleigh and John

Iris and Vimala

At Hempton Pond