Saturday 24 August 2013

Fakenham Carnival

We had an early lunch so we would be ready for the carnival procession to come past the car park. This year's theme (after last year) was sensibly umbrellas and wellies. Vicky had done a wonderful job of decorating some umbrellas for us. After the procession we went up to the Millenium park to enjoy the sights and sounds of the fair and stalls. Renee met her sister Di and of course Ellen and John met lots of people who knew them too. We all had a go at Splat the Rat but failed.
 Luckily we didn't need the umbrellas after all. Rather a lot of photos...
Ellen and Lauren

Ellen tries to Splat the Rat

Nice Umbrella Ellen

Enid bonds with a dalmatian

Enid tries to splat. (Just Missed)

Nicki, Enid, Nicki's dog and Donna

Waiting for the procession - Thankyou Hilary (in the background).....!

Donna Iris and Sandy

John with umbrella and friend Tommy

Mary, Heather and John on the way home


Renee and sister Di

Renee tries to Splat the rat.

The Team with Pink heart umbrella

Waiting for the procession