Thursday 22 August 2013

Woodspring Walkers

Movement to music Heather is away so we took advantage of the nice weather to potter round the market. We met a Scottish Deerhound called Callie on Cattlemarket Street and then spent quite a while on the fleamarket examining all the interesting bygones. Mary M. spotted some ceramic jars which were just like the ones her Mum used for preserving things in so we bought them for future reminiscences. Next stop was Papworth's Butchers on Millers Walk, where Ellen has an admirer who gives her pork pies. Unfortunately he wasn't there but we bought a couple for tea anyway. Meanwhile, outside John was getting friendly with a larger than life butcher. We bumped in to lots of Ellen's family which was great for her and then had a break and cup of tea at Honey's where John's daughter and grandaughter work. Between John and Ellen it is impossible to go anywhere in Fakenham without meeting someone they know. Everyone enjoyed it so much that we think we will make it a regular outing, weather permitting.

Billie, Callie and Joan

Ellen, Mary, John, Sue, Joan and Luke in the background

John meets the butcher

John and his grandaughter at Honey's

Mary C and Mary M. at Honey's

Mary Sue and Iris

Iris Shona Mary C and Mary M and John

The Crew and Callie the Deerhound