Wednesday 25 September 2013

The Steam Train to Sheringham

We've been on our long anticipated ride on the North Norfolk Railway from Holt to Sheringham and back. We left with plenty of time and even managed an emergency pit-stop at Holt's public conveniences on the way to the station and our waiting train. Mary C's husband came along for the day and could remember the last time he traveled on the line was during the war and he was on the way to a posting at West Runton. It also brought back lots of memories for Mary M as she recalled her and a whole gang of girls going to work in the cotton mill by train, soon after they left school.

We had a fish and chip lunch at Sheringham Station and then made use of the Ladies waiting room until our return train left at 3pm. 

The weather was mild enough for the time of year although a bit of sunshine would have been welcome.

Many thanks to everyone that helped and the railway staff that made it such an enjoyable outing.

Bill C and the Stationmaster at Holt

John shows the result of a blueberry sweet.

Heather, Enid, Renee and John 

Heather Mick and Nas

Hilary, Stationmaster and David

Iris and Enid (and everyone else) waiting for the off.

Iris Heather and Enid

Bill and John

Mary C and husband Bill

Enid, Hilary and Renee on board.

Our Locomotive.

Waiting for the train at Holt.