Tuesday 29 October 2013

Autumn Fun and Games

Chat club was autumnal this week. Donna brought in some pumpkins, sweet chestnuts, acorns, apples and pears and the main attraction - CONKERS! The skewering was done by Donna for health and safety reasons ( a visiting social worker still has a scar on the palm of her hand from conker-skewering as a child). Various tricks for making conkers stronger were brought up, such as soaking them in vinegar and baking in the oven. Pat in the kitchen said that you should put them on the windowsill to keep spiders away.

John and Iris's daughter Gill, were very competitive but on balance we can say John was the conker champion.


Iris and Gill

Gill and John get competitive.

Mary C and Donna

Renee gets a hit on David's conker.

Who's that at the window?