Thursday 26 December 2013

Christmas Eve

It was really good to have John Harris back on the piano. He has been coming on Christmas Eve for 16 years with only 1 year off due to ill-health. We had already booked Malachi and Ken and it turned out that John and Malachi are old friends and they were very surprised and excited to meet each other. The saxophone and piano went well together and it was good to sing the carols which bring back lots of memories. After we'd worked through the carol sheet John and Malachi played some old favourite Christmas songs like jingle bells ending with Auld Lang Syne. Derrick's granddaughter and great-granddaughter Wendy were visiting and joined us. Wendy was quite a star and wasn't afraid to join in with the fun.

Cindy, Iris, John , Enid and Malachi.

Derrick and his granddaughter, Mick C, Donna and Wendy


Derrrick, his granddaughter and great-granddaughter Wendy.

Donna and Ellen

George and Joan F.

Iris and Malachi


Julie and Herbert

Malachi, John and audience.

Malachi and John

Mary C in full song.

Mary M guarding the sherry.

Enid, George and Joan F

Wendy, Iris and Donna