Saturday 25 January 2014

Friday Club with Jo Baldwin

Jo brought in various items from the kitchen of yesteryear and these stimulated lots of conversation. The butter-pats brought back memories of buying butter off the slab in the shop. They were used to handle the butter so it kept its shape. Other items included a whisk, pastry cutters, a ladle used to transfer milk and a blue bag that was used for buying sugar. Mary C's husband Bill came to visit and helped with the memories. Tim and Donna's daughter Colette made a rare appearance too.

Bill and Mary C

Ada and Derrick examine an old Bovril bottle.

Enid and pastry cutters

Iris whisking

Jessie gets grating.

Jo discussing the contents of her bag

Donna and John have a dance.

John manages to end up with a woman on each arm AGAIN...
Vicky and Colette

Mary M trying the whisk,

Renee and butter pats