Tuesday 4 February 2014

Happy Birthday Barbara and Ellen

We didn't have any birthdays in January and now have 2 on one day. It was a shame that Ellen wasn't feeling too well and missed out on the party. Andrew Flintham brought in his collection of old vinyl favourites and a record player to play them on. The Batchelors, Bing and the Andrew's Sisters, Music Hall favourites and the Ovaltineys featured. Several of us were 'Ovaltineys'. Andrew gave us a bit of background about each record and showed round the covers of each album. Victor Sylvester gave us the backing for Happy Birthday as the cake came out.
Barbara, Jess  and Cake.

Iris studies a Batchelors album.


Mick and Mary M

Mary P

Mick W. and Andrew Flintham with  Bing album.

Renee and John in full song.