Thursday 23 February 2017

Zoo-tastic Petting Zoo

Zoo-tastic petting zoo brought a variety of animals for us to stroke, marvel at, and otherwise enjoy. As well as the animal visitors we had lots of family and friends visiting too. Luckily no spiders came although Eric wasn't too sure about the snake. We think they all went home again...
Basil and Friend (dog)

Basil and Rabbit

Basil and Barn Owl

Carol and Mouse

Chris and Bearded Dragon

Derrick and guinea pig

Gwyneth and Rabbit

Joe and Peggy and snake

John, Vicky and dog

June, Mike and rabbit

Magda and bearded dragon

Marjorie and dog

Mary C and mouse.

Mary C and the dog

Patricia and Rabbit

Patricia and bearded dragon

Phyllis and bearded dragon

Pin, Poppy and barn owl

Reg and rabbit

Renee, Gwyneth and bearded dragon.