Thursday 30 March 2017

Comic Relief - We Did It

We had a really good turn out for our walk -  34 all told. It was heartwarming how generous people were - even stopping their cars to give us money. The ducks at Gogg's mill weren't interested in our bread this year but it may well have been the sight of Ken in a clown costume that made them a bit worried.

The Garden Centre very, very kindly provided us all with refreshments before the final stretch back. 

A massive thankyou to everyone who came and helped - it really made it a great day. Total so far an impressive £387.00 with more to come .

The Group

A stop for refreshments at the Garden centre

Tiger Lilly, Chillu and Victoria


Heather, Ena, Tammy, Irene and Ken


Joe and Jo behind

Eric and Ken

Ken Juggling Red Noses