Monday 13 November 2017

Remember, remember the 5th of November

On the 5th of November we had the Woodspring House firework display, and in the run up to it we got busy making a "Guy" for the occasion. Strangely, our Guy looks a little too happy to be burning at the stake... perhaps it was his celeb status that made him cherry, everyone wanted to get their picture taken with Woodspring's newest member!

 Gwneth and Pauline add the face to the Guy

 Michael helping Donna stuff the Guy

 Diane and Gwneth add the finishing touches

 Andrew and Donna fooling around 

 Well, he's not going to run off in a hurry... Andrew poses with our footless guy

 John, Guy and Gwneth

 Gwneth, Guy and Pauline get close for a picture

The fireworks!

 Irene and Guy pose for the camera

 Audrey welcoming our newest member 

Victoria and Audrey with Mr Fawkes