Sunday 24 December 2017

Thursford singers and a visit from the donkeys

On Friday we were invited to Cranmer House to hear the Thursford singers perform songs from the famous show for us. They were incredible, a snip bit of their performance will be uploaded soon. We very much hope that they will come to Woodspring House next year. And then in the afternoon Karen and David brought in their adorable donkeys, Maisie and Choccy. They were popular with some and less so with others, fortunately they created little mess in the brand new orangery!
Derrick with Choccy the donkey

 Patricia with Choccy

 Joan and Choccy

Phyllis and Choccy

Audrey and Choccy

Mike made a new friend in Choccy

 Group photo of Woodspring House and the Thursford singers

Pauline with Choccy the donkey

Choccy enjoyed all the attention

 Everybody joining in with the Thursford singers

After the performance the singers came over to chat to everyone

 Andrew and Victoria with two of the Thursford singers

 Another group photo with some of the staff and residents of Cranmer House too

Pauline chatting with the Thursford singers

 Having a chat