Thursday 22 February 2018

Chinese New Year, chat club games and 5 generations!

To celebrate the Chinese New Year we have been enjoying some Chinese cuisine and trying out eating with some chopsticks! Also we had Phyllis' family come in. Jade, Phyllis' great grand daughter brought in her baby son, so that all 5 generations were together at once! And then in chat club we have been getting the games out again, which proved a huge hit!

 Betty, Victoria and Ena play snakes and ladders

 Gwyneth, Irene and Diane play dominoes

 Ena plays with Victoria

 Audrey and Gwyneth have a go with the chopsticks

 Pauline and Betty have a go

 John masters the art

 Irene and her daughter Diane have a go

2 month old baby Sebastin with Great Great grand mother Phyllis. Nikki on the left is Grandmother. Jade on right is mum and Barry in the middle is great grand dad.