Tuesday 6 February 2018

Movement to Music, trip to Bawdeswell and young visitors.

Gosh what a busy month January has been! Even though the social media rep has been MIA for the last few weeks, Woodspring House has been really busy! As ever Heather has been getting everyone going in Movement to Music. There was also a trip to Bawdeswell Garden Centre for a dementia friendly lunch, where a bit of shopping was had. In chat club people have been reminiscing about their favourite old toys and having a good with them again and I mustn't forget to mention we had Burns night, where resident Scot, Betty, showed us how it was done!

Betty and Heather dance the Gay Gordons on Burns Day, there was Haggis after.

And they keep going.....

 Gosh, they'll need a haggis after all this dancing!

 Emma, staff member brought in 5 month old Lathan for a visit. Here is Andrew having a cuddle.

 Victoria and Lathan smile for the camera!

 Gwyneth teaches Heather how to waltz

 Now just Gwyneth shows them how its done

 And then all three ladies, Betty, Heather and Gwyneth

 Movement to music again, this time with an even bigger crowd!

 Joan with her friend Janet.

 Heather getting another dance lesson from Gwyneth

 Everyone gets moving in Movement to music!

 Andrew provides the percussion.

 Audrey and Brian in Movement to music

 All together now!

 Brian at Bawdeswell garden centre.

 Betty at Bawedeswell garden cente - finding herself the perfect gift!

 Gwyneth admiring the displays at Bawdeswell

 Joan shopping for a new bag.

 Betty and Pauline happy with their shopping purchases!

 Audrey is less enthusiastic about the items in Bawdeswell Garden Centre

 Andrew and Peggy at Bawdeswell

Gwyneth, Brian and Victoria at Bawdeswell Garden Centre

 Ena with the pop-up toy

 Audrey with Little Red Riding Hood

 Joan with the spinning thing..

 Irene and her daughter Diane with the spinning thing

 Diane has a go with the cup and ball.

 Irene with the upside down doll.

 Ena makes a fine job with the yo-yo.

 Victoria has a go with the yo-yo.

 Brian shows everyone how its done!

 Betty has a go.

 Gwyneth with the pop-up toy.

Chris the cook can't resist and has a go with the yo-yo.