Monday 12 March 2018

Betty's birthday!

On the 3rd of March we celebrated Betty's birthday in a joyous celebration of singing and dancing. We had a wonderful performance from the Banjo man, who got everyone up and dancing in our new orangery. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

That's a big grin! Betty with her cake.

 Everyone in the new Orangery for the banjo man!

 The banjo man with (yes you guessed it) his banjo!

 What a congregation!

 Betty and all her family, who came to Woodspring to celebrate

 Irene, Pauline and her son watch the performance

 Pauline loving the music!

 Pauline, Julia and Chloe get up and dance

 Birthday girl Betty with her son, Alan on the dance floor

 Marjorie with her daughter Judith

 Chloe and Audrey have a dance

 Irene enjoying the music from the comfort of her seat!

 Everyone getting involved

 and again!

 He wont be out of a job just yet, Betty's daughter has a go on the Banjo

 Carlo and John have a dance

 Betty is presented with her incredible cake

 The banjo man does a personal performance for Betty