Monday 16 July 2018

Movement to music and June's birthday

It was a few weeks ago now but we have still been doing Movement to music with Heather each week. We welcome family and friends to join us in our hours of Movement to Music (or as I like to call it Mischief and Merriment), so please come along and join in the fun! It was also June's birthday the other week and to celebrate we had Jayne Martin come in to entertain us with some Abba numbers. With songs like Dancing Queen and Gimme Gimme Gimme to sing and dance to, there wasn't a moment of rest!

Marjorie in M & M

Andrew and Geoff in M & M

Happy Birthday June! With her husband Mike.

Everyone is up and dancing

Pauline belts out Dancing Queen.

Jayne goes all out to perform as Abba and Pauline and Betty love it!

Marjorie and Ena in M & M.