Wednesday 11 July 2018

Xen Arts and Litcham infants visit

At Woodspring House we always encourage cross generational activities and play. It has been proven to be incredibly beneficial in promoting healthy bodies and minds in the older generation, especially those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's, as well as improving development in children too. So a few weeks back we had some children from Litcham Infant School come into Woodspring with Xen Arts. The children played clapping games with the residents along with general mischief and mayhem. As you can see from pictures it was a huge success and everyone enjoyed being children for the day. We are sure to invite back again very soon! Xen Arts does activities with Litcham Infant School and Woodspring regularly each month - so please come along and join us next time!

Irene and one of the children play

Gwyneth and the ladies with the school children

Steve plays a clapping game with one of the children

Everyone wanted to play a clapping game. Here is John with one of the children.

Pauline plays too

Cross generational play and activities are very beneficial for cognitive function and general well being

Let's get dancing - everyone joined in!

Two girls from Litcham Infant School demonstrate their clapping songs