Saturday 10 November 2018

Train trips, chat club and movement to music!

We've been busy!! As Autumn gets well under way there has been plenty of things happening at Woodspring House. We took a trip to the trains and rode on an old steam engine, the 11.25 to Sheringham. The train parked up for 30 minutes, we had our lunch and then travelled back. People enjoyed talking and reminiscing about the old steam engines. In chat club we've been bobbing apples and talking about the wonderful nature you can see at this time of year. especially the apple and sweet chestnut harvest. Donna brought in some spikey sweet chestnuts! And movement to music is as great as ever, with plate balancing, ribbons and parachutes!

 Steve and Pauline

 Betty and Donna

 Joan and her daughter in movement to music

 They get the parachute out in M & M

 They get dancing in movement to music

 Joyce, Victoria and Gwyneth at the trains

Joyce showing off her incredible posture and balance

Ena and Magda show off their 'plates come frisbees in movement to music

Andrew and Magda get out the streamers

Ena with her streamer

Betty bobs for apples

And she got it!

Can he do it? Oh yes he can!