Monday 23 December 2019

Christmas at Woodspring

Christmas at Woodspring House is always a very busy time of year. Victoria and Donna were busy planning the activities and events for the festive period as early as September and they did not disappoint. 

This year was particularly special as BBC Look East came to the home when Jack Brook the Shetland Pony came in to see us at our Christmas Coffee Morning. We were very proud to see such a fantastic video of our wonderful home and incredible residents going around the internet. So thank you to everyone that came in. 

We had our annual trip out to Thursford for The Winter Wonderland. The lights, fake snow and life like statues were again a sight to behold, creating curiosity and awe in staff and residents alike. 

Then we had our Christmas Jumper day were staff and residents dressed up in their ugliest (or most beautiful) jumpers for Save the Children. In our photos you'll also see other activities such as the last movement to music of 2019 and mince pie making. A Big thank you must go to Ann, Victoria's mother who has been helping out with activities in the run up to Christmas - she organised and ran the cooking activities and for that we are very grateful! She did an amazing job. 

And finally, it wouldn't be Christmas without the Woodspring House Residents Christmas Party, held every year without fail. Patsy Rose entertained, there was dancing, singing and general merriment. And to finish it off a great feast of savoury and sweet snacks. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Here are just a selection of photos from everything mentioned above, check out our Facebook page for the full selection. 
Mike the producer, cameraman, director and sound engineer who made it all happen on the TV

Joe and Emma

Victoria and Betty 

The group at Thursford

Staff and residents for Christmas Jumper Day

Rosa leads the Conga at the Christmas Party

And the conga grows



Freda and Pauline

Betty and Ken have a chin wag

The Christmas Feast

Jack Brock comes to visit at our Christmas Coffee Morning

Wednesday 6 November 2019

Pumpkin Carving

For Halloween we carved some beautiful pumpkins. Rather than sticking to tradition we thought we'd modernise the old pumpkin, and instead of candles we used flowers. What do you think? They're less spooky but a lot more beautiful! I think a new Halloween tradition may have been found at Woodspring House.....

Scary and sweet

Lisa and Gwyneth arrange their pumpkin

Lisa and Gwyneth


Pauline adds a flower

Naughty and nice




Has a new halloween tradition been started at Woodspring?

Thursday 24 October 2019

Sealife Centre, Pauline's birthday, cupcakes and The Dial House

September has been and gone, and October is already coming to an end. in the last couple of months many things have been going on at Woodspring House. Back in September it was Pauline's birthday, when Dennis Frere came in to sing for us. 

Then in early October we had a trip out to The Sealife Centre at Hunstanton. The forecast was dismal; flooding with high tides, but nothing would stop us! Then, later on in October Yvonne, Marie's granddaughter, came in to make cupcakes with the residents. The results, as you'll see, were delicious and they didn't hang around for long. 

And most recently, we had a trip out to The Dial House in Reepham as once again they hosted us with a Dementia Friendly luncheon. As always it was delicious and the friendly staff provided us with a lovely welcome.

The regulars on the dance floor 

Pauline, Betty and Dennis

Norman and Terri

Pauline receives her cake from Rosa

Dennis sings to Pauline


Dennis and Joan


Everyone at The Sealife centre

Splashing Around


Is it a shark.... is it a whale..... nooo it's a fish.

Gwyneth makes her cakes

Pauline does the mixing


The finished masterpiece 


Freda at The Dial House

Everyone at The Dial house

Friday 27 September 2019

Making the Harvest Festival Plaque

As we are well into September and now looking at the beginning of October, it marks the time for Autumn and the Harvest Festival. To celebrate Woodspring made and designed their own Harvest Festival Plaque. We have also been doing some arts, with our own resident artist, Magda.

Steve hard at work making the plaque

Janet got stuck in to help

John concentrating

Magda concentrating on her masterpiece

Audrey choosing colours


Amy joining in
Betty weighing the flour

Donna and John

The finished masterpiece

The finished Harvest Festival Plaque ready for the service with Aileen from the Methodist Church

Michael and Freda

Tiger Lily (Carer Chilu's daughter) does some painting with the residents