Tuesday, 17 September 2019

The Summer Garden Party

At the end of August we hosted our family friendly garden party on "The Legion's" lawn. There were games for all ages, Pimms for the adults and Janet's husband Danny made trays of delicious cakes! It was a hot British day so thankfully we had the party tent to keep us nicely shaded. Sing a long music was provided by Ken and his ukulele. Thanks to everyone for coming out and joining us!

Ken plays his ukulele for everyone

Betty says "Cheers!" to the Pimms

Colette and Peggy 

Surrounding the party tent fighting for the shade


Who's the champion!?

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

John's Birthday

In August we celebrated John's birthday with Two Gentlemen of Leisure who performed "Last night of the Proms", a mixture of classical music and upbeat tunes. Happy Birthday John!


.....and two gentlemen of leisure

Iris and John

John receives his cake with Rosa and Iris

Happy Birthday John!

Two Gentlemen of Leisure

Rosa and John

Joe, Peggy, Iris and Joan watch on

Eric's 102nd birthday and Norfolk Day

Last week we had an extravaganza of a day! All in one day we had Eric's 102nd birthday, it was Norfolk Day which we celebrated with some Pimms and we had the Banjo Man in with his jolly and uplifting tunes. A huge Happy Birthday to Eric who is 102! What an amazing feat! Eric was quite emotional about receiving his cake and birthday wishes which he got from all the staff and residents. To celebrate Norfolk Day we got the Pimms out and had a little summer time drink. We also had the Banjo Man in. As usual he was fantastic and his uplifting country tunes got everyone dancing and clapping along.

Eric blows out the candles

Pauline, Terri and George

Eric reads his card

Eric and Terri

Chris, Eric and Terri

Donna, Eric and Terri

Peggy and Pauline

A duet!

Everyone claps along to the Banjo Man

The Banjo Man sings with Gwyneth

Eric receives his cake

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Marie's Birthday

We had Marie's birthday's last week. We had to improvise the entertainment for Marie's birthday but it didn't matter as we had so much fun anyway! We got to be the DJ for the afternoon choosing the songs that we love to hear. Happy Birthday Marie!

Peggy, Joe and Betty 

Marie and her family

George and Nicki

Friday, 28 June 2019

Fakenham Library Sax Band

Last week we walked up to Fakenham Library to listen to the Sax band made of 5 young ladies from the local area. Then we made the short walk back to Woodspring.

Freda and Amy

Freda, Sam and Amy

Lisa, Colette, Edna and Chloe

The sax band

The recorder group

Victoria's Hen Party

With only a week to go before the big day, Victoria wanted to celebrate with the family at Woodspring House. We put our sashes, fairy wings and crowns on and got on the dance floor! Carl dressed as Elvis and played a collection of different songs and we even had the pleasure of Lisa on karaoke. The big day is tomorrow, Congratulations Victoria!

Elga and Victoria

Peggy, Joe and Pauline

Nicky and Marie

Freda and Elvis

Joan and Kirsty


On the dance floor

Pauline and Colette



Pauline and Elvis

Steve and Lisa

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Janet and Gwyneth's birthday!

Last week it was Janet's birthday so to celebrate we got Terry Adams in! There was a lot of dancing, something that Janet always loves to do! Happy Birthday Janet! And yesterday was Gwyneth's birthday. We had Carl come in to sing some of the classic tunes and like always, get people up on the dance floor!

Rosa and Joan

Jent and Danny


Carolina and Audrey

Peggy and Ken

Terry Adams

Happy Birthday Janet! Janet with Julia and Danny

Tim and Pauline

Spinning on the dancefloor


Betty and her son Alan

Peggy and Pauline

Carolina and Audrey

Marie and Rosa

On the dancefloor

Gwyneth's birthday

Carl with the ladies on the dancefloor