Monday 16 February 2015

Natterjacks does Valentines

Friday Club was much busier than usual this week. We had Donna's friend Karen and her daughter Imogen come to help, Lauren who is doing work experience and Joe who came to spend the day with us to see what we get up to. Jo had brought in some bits and pieces to make some quite impressive paper roses.


Derrick and Lin

Ian and Gwen

Karen and Joe



Movement to Music

Heather's back for her weekly Movement to Music sessions. As well as the movement and music she also found time for a quiet moment with Poppy.

Chat Club

Donna dug out various household items that might have been seen round the house of yesteryear. The chamber pot caused some amusement and stories of toilets. Magda told Donna off for putting it on the table so it sat on the floor. The feather duster reminded people of Ken Dodd and his tickle stick and while there were no cobwebs to clean a spider was spotted running for cover.
Ian and Gwen

Magda tries the tea-cosy for size.

Mary C

Sunday 15 February 2015

Happy Birthday Mary

Mary M.' s husband sometimes played the piano in the pub and she often mentions the good sing-alongs they had. We didn't go so far as to go to the pub (and it might be hard to find one with a piano anyway) so we asked John Harris to come to Woodspring House and play all the old favourite tunes instead. Happy Birthday Mary!
Mary, Rosa and cake.

Cheers Mary

Sunday 8 February 2015

Happy Birthday Ellen and Barbara Fox

Ellen and Barbara share the same day for their birthdays. We had the very skilled banjo player Sean Moyes come to entertain. He brought a ukulele too and of course played George Formby songs but he also had a good variety of music that we could dance and sing along to. Lots of photos....
Mary C and Mary M


Barbara, Viv and Carolina

Barbara and Viv

Sean and banjo

Barbara and Angela

Renee, Ian and Carolina

Chris and Gaynor

Chris and Melanie

Gwendolin, Nora, Iris, Gaynor dancing

Ellen, cake, Carolina, Gaynor and Sean serenading


Gwendolin, Angela, Carolina and Iris

Kirsty and Ada


Nora and Mick C



Marmalade Time

Making marmalade is one of those times when we stop and think 'Has it really been a year since we last did it?' 
Derrick Juicing

Gwen, Ian and Emma hard at work.

Music For Health

Wendy Mears has handed over the Music for Health reins to Jaqui. Her first session went well with lots of action and noise.
Jaqui and the gang

Jaqui and Mary M


Apologies for the interruption in service. Lot's been happening including our first outing of the year to see the snowdrops at Walsingham with a stop at Wells quay and back via Holkham Hall. No photos of that but plenty of other things going on.