Thursday 27 December 2018

Thursford Singers

This year we attended the Thursford singers again at Cranmer House. It was an excellent performance and there were even more people attending than last year. There were yummy mince pies and cakes to end to! Thank you Cranmer House for organising.

Brian and Wendy with the Thursford singers 

The Singers assemble

The singers and all the attendees

The group picture

Donna and Steve speak to one of the singers 

and then they get a picture together

Wednesday 26 December 2018

The Christmas Party 2018

One of the highlights on the activities yearly calendar is the Residents Christmas Party which took place on Saturday. The Christmas Party brings together the residents, relatives, friends and staff for one big big party of dancing, singing food and drink. Patsy Rose came in to entertain and played all the hits that got people up and dancing. Then there was a huge buffet after organised by John the cook, thank you John! And thank you to everyone who came along too. A huge thank you to all the staff that made the party possible and a big shout out to those who came in specially for the party even when they weren't on shift.

Sam, Patricia and Angela

Everyone gathered in the orangery 

Everyone up to dance

The longest conga in Fakenham

Chloe and Betty

Victoria and Ken

Donna and Steve 

Everyone in the Orangery

Betty and Alan

Irene and Diane

The staff at the party

Jane and Audrey

Betty, Alan, Chloe and Levke

Lisa and Joan

Joyce and Ted

Party goers

Brian and Wendy

Eric and his son Tom

Andrew and Angela

Heather and Barbara

Staff picture! Huge thank you to all the staff who work so hard over the year and came to the Christmas party.

Kirsty, Rosa and her boyfriend

Levke and Frida

Pauline and Carlo

Chloe and Izzy

Magda and Tessa

The Conga!

Sunday 9 December 2018

Christmas Coffee Morning Grand Total

We raised £145 at our Christmas coffee morning! Thank you so much to everyone who came and donated! 

Saturday 8 December 2018

Save the Children, Christmas Jumper Day

In more news: Woodspring House is taking part in Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day which takes place on Friday 14th of December. If you come into Woodspring you may see staff and residents decked out in some garishly festive winter woollies!
Such a spectacular is all in aid of raising money for Save the Children. If you would like to donate please text from your mobile, TEAM 190465 to number 70050 and you will donate £2.
Thank you!

December's activity chart

The Woodspring House events calendar for December, it's jam-packed full of events as we countdown to Christmas! Please come along to our events we would love to have you there.

Saturday 10 November 2018

Pumpkin carving and guy making

The end of October and the start of November heralds in the time for halloween and bonfire nights! At Woodspring we had a go at pumpkin carving and guy making as well as having fun with some halloween devil horns. The results were very good!

Victoria, Janet and Betty 

Betty shows off her excellent carving skills

Betty and Guy

Pauline and Guy at halloween

Guy and John hang out

Making the guy in progress

Audrey stuffs the Guy

Gwyneth designing Mr. Guy's face, will he be handsome?

Getting the halloween spirit being a little devil - Steve

Firework mural preparation, Joyce and Ena

Steve helping out too 

Train trips, chat club and movement to music!

We've been busy!! As Autumn gets well under way there has been plenty of things happening at Woodspring House. We took a trip to the trains and rode on an old steam engine, the 11.25 to Sheringham. The train parked up for 30 minutes, we had our lunch and then travelled back. People enjoyed talking and reminiscing about the old steam engines. In chat club we've been bobbing apples and talking about the wonderful nature you can see at this time of year. especially the apple and sweet chestnut harvest. Donna brought in some spikey sweet chestnuts! And movement to music is as great as ever, with plate balancing, ribbons and parachutes!

 Steve and Pauline

 Betty and Donna

 Joan and her daughter in movement to music

 They get the parachute out in M & M

 They get dancing in movement to music

 Joyce, Victoria and Gwyneth at the trains

Joyce showing off her incredible posture and balance

Ena and Magda show off their 'plates come frisbees in movement to music

Andrew and Magda get out the streamers

Ena with her streamer

Betty bobs for apples

And she got it!

Can he do it? Oh yes he can!