Tuesday 30 April 2013

Making Hanging Baskets with Rita

Rita's been to the garden centre again but it was well worth it to get some hanging baskets made. For instant colour and some frost resistance a large part of the flowers were violas but these can be replaced as the weather warms up. It was a bit tricky getting the rootballs through the liners but Renee and Enid in particular got really stuck into it.


Joan H and Enid


Joan H
Rita and John



Junior School Entertain

We've been very lucky this month. First the infants came and now the Junior school have been, complete with band and singers. It was quite a squeeze but we managed it. They were really very good and show lots of potential. Next time they might learn some of the old songs too so we can sing along. Thanks to the teachers and helpers who came along and of course to the students themselves. It is very much appreciated. 

Ruby Visits

Ruby the dog came for a visit. Donna was a bit embarrassed by the state of her coat. She looked much better after a good brush but she really needs the poodle parlour for a good trim up. Ruby loves visiting as she usually manages to find at least one biscuit somewhere.

Brenda taking Ruby for a walk or vice-versa?

Where did that biscuit go?

Arts and Crafts with Vicky

Vicky got the paint brushes and paint out for an artistic afternoon  The background music was a bit of a distraction with some singing and dancing going on too.

Doreen and Howard

Larry and Vicky

Vicky and Ellen

Kayleigh and Larry

Ellen John Vicky

Terry Adams is Back In Town.

Terry was singing in the town so Donna got him to come and do a session for us in the afternoon. He has a wonderful voice and a great repertoire that gets the feet tapping and lots of people singing along too.



Larry and Terry


Fakenham Infant School Entertain

We'd postponed them them last month,  but they were worth waiting for and had the X factor or that should be the be the Arrh factor. A big thank you for the pupils but also to their teachers and helpers who came along. 

Thursday 18 April 2013

Chat Club plays Games

Instead of the normal chat club and reminiscence on Tuesday, Donna got out various games and so everyone could enjoy taking part without having to move too far from their armchairs!

She was very ably assisted by Georgie who is coming in for work experience and was a great hit.

Brenda and Georgie get some fresh air.

Dick and Quoits

Georgie, Brenda and darts game.

Ada and Joan H in action

Ruby in action

Arts and Crafts

Vicky and Donna got the paints out for an artistic session of arts and crafts.
Ada Larrry and Mandy




Malachi's back on Saxophone

Malachi was back from university and offered to come in for a musical session with his saxophone. He dressed in an old army uniform which suited him and also gave us a good topic of conversation. It was a bit itchy but he managed to ignore that to play some wonderful tunes.

Malachi and Larry singing along.

Malachi serenading Brenda

Larry Malachi and Ada

Mary and Renee joining in

Friday 5 April 2013

Friday Club

Friday club was a bit chaotic but fun never-the-less. Sue came with three of her children which was a great hit and everyone enjoyed chatting to them. As well as the usual date, time, place etc quiz, we rolled a ball on the table and then did word games, proverbs, opposites and then had a sing song of old favourites.

Ada and ball, Jo, Mick, Sue, John and Sue's daughters.

Ellen, Jo, Sue's son and Ada

Sue's son Mary and Sue

John Denver entertains

We seem to have had a run of look-a-like musicians recently. After Elvis we have now had John Denver too, played very well by John Drury. It was a a very gentle and pleasant way to spend the afternoon, listening to all the old songs and having a commentary between the music about John Denver's life.
Iris (blowing a kiss) and Howard

John Denver