Thursday 25 August 2016

Cream Tea at Heather's House

Movement to music Heather kindly invited us to her beautiful house and garden in Morston for a cream tea. We were welcomed with a glass of Pimms or elderflower cordial and were entertained by Heather on the guitar and her husband Tom who is a very good singer. Her granddaughter Edie and a pony were a great attraction and some of her 5 dogs joined in the cream tea and were very attentive. Heather showed us around and we met her chickens and chicks. Thanks to Heather, Pearl for the amazing cake, scones and homemade jam, to Rob from the age concern bus for driving us and to Nicole, Jane and Chris for helping.

Greta and Magda


Magda, Tom

Chris, Heather and Gwyneth

Ian and Edie

Joan and Friend

Chris and Edie

John and Heather

John and sandwiches.

June and Mike

Joe, Peggy and friend.



Tim and Greta

Friday 5 August 2016

The Harley-Davidson Rally

Every year there is a Harley-Davidson rally at the racecourse and Fakenham is suddenly awash with middle aged men and women in leather jackets. There are also lots of noisy bikes rumbling about and the highlight is when they all drive through the town together. We got a good view from the bottom of Bridge Street.

Derrick used to ride a motorbike.


Reg and Heather

John, Jane and Renee

Magda and Peggy

Happy Birthday Derrick

Class Act came to entertain for Derrick's Birthday. 

Happy Birthday Derrick.

Derrick gets serenaded. Joan and Lisa

Meg and Poppy


Friday Club goes to the beach too.

The theme for Natterjacks was holidays and the beach. We'd had something similar at chat club on Tuesday but Jo had some different bits and pieces to get everyone talking and in the mood.