Tuesday 19 February 2013

Eileen's Birthday

Tonally Different came to entertain for Eileen's birthday. They were quite different from our usual entertainers and got us singing along with sea shanties, folk songs and other interesting songs.

David , Eileen and Cake

Eileen and Emma

Howard, Doreen and Tonally Different

Ellen and John


Saturday 16 February 2013



We're going to have a comedy hour. Please come and do something funny for money!- Dress in red, funny hair, odd clothes, cross dress, fancy dress -whatever will bring a smile!

Friday 15 February 2013

Ride Out to the Snowdrops

The weather warmed up just in time for a ride out to see the snowdrops at Walsingham. We had a full bus with Sandy as Conductor and Tim driving. Sandy makes a good tour guide as she knows a lot of local places and gave a running commentary.
We know a spot on a bridge overlooking the  valley where all the snowdrops are which gives a good view from the bus. After Walsingham we went down to Wells and stopped for a short time on the quay to watch the boats, birds and a few people crabbing off the quay. It was a long way down to the water as the tide was out. We came home via Stiffkey and Langham and then back along the main road. 
On Wells Quay

Snowdrops at Walsingham

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Valentine's Flowers

We were lucky to get Rita to come on Valentine's week as she is a professional florist as well as being a gardener and she has a very busy week. She brought in a beautiful selection of flowers and foliage and little baskets of oasis for everyone to have a go at their own arrangements. These will be on the tables in the dining room.

Ellen and Arrangement

Iris and Ada

Eve and her arrangement

John and Sophie and his arrangement

Kayleigh and Ada

Renee and arrangement

Rita and Heart arrangement

Sunday 10 February 2013


Malachi the saxophonist was home from university for a bit and offered to do a session for us. He's very good and has just completed his grade 6. 

Happy Music Lovers

Malachi  plays, Larry dances

Friday Club

Jo Baldwin came on Friday for her regular session of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  After tea or coffee we always start with an orientation exercise, remembering the date, place, season etc and then we have a look at a newspaper and have a chat about the news, before doing some singing and playing a game. It was bingo this week and it got quite competitive and exciting. Derek was the winner.

Jo and John

Something fun in the Sun..

Sam, Derek and winning card.

Thursday 7 February 2013

School Days

Chat club went back to school and Donna found some bits and pieces to help get the conversation started.

Ellen doing her Homework

Ellen and John

Birthdays Galore

It was Barbara and Ellen's birthday on Monday and Billy Cunliffe came to entertain and played lots of good sing-a-long songs. It was Mary's birthday on Tuesday and Michael and Helen came to play. They're always great fun but unfortunately the photographer didn't turn up...

Happy Birthday Barbara, Ellen and Mary!

Ellen and Eve

Birthday Girls Barbara and Ellen

Ellen Julie and Doreen

Edith and George

Cheers Mary and John!

Kirsty Ada and Billy on the Keyboard

Doreen and Vimala

Movement to Music (Again!)

Heather brought in some beautiful, bright, silk headscarves. First of all we used them to twirl about to the music and then Renee, Iris, Ada and Doreen decided to try them on.


Thank you Ada!

Doreen and Iris