Friday 20 November 2015

Music for Health with Jacqui


Magda, Renee and Gwynneth

Mary C
Jacqui comes once a month to do Music for Health.

Happy Birthday Poppy

The talented Jayne Martin swapped her Abba outfit for something more sophisticated as she came to sing motown songs for Poppy's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPPY.

Victoria and Magda


Ian, Renee and Magda

Andy and Victoria

Mary C

Mike and June

Poppy and her sister

Angela, Poppy. her sister, the cake and Gaynor

Jayne looks (and sounds) the part

Norman on piano

We always knew Norman had been musical although it was a very pleasant surprise when he suddenly decided to start playing the piano again whenever the fancy takes him. He's very good and has a big repertoire. The sound of piano music drifting around is very soothing.

Thursday 19 November 2015

Movement to Music

Movement to Music in November has been fun as usual but Heather's granddaughter Edith and dog Ella make it all the more enjoyable.
Edith does the Hula

Ella, Julia and Ada

Gwen and Reg 

Gwynneth and Edith

Gwynneth, Renee and Meg

Ian, Heather, Joe and Ella

Ella and June


Mick C and Ella

Mincemeat making for Christmas

Our mince pies should be rather superior this year as the mincemeat is homemade from Delia's recipe. The ingredients look and smell good anyway.

Gwynneth, Libbie and Chris

Renee, Gwynneth and Chris


Mel and Meg

Remembrance Sunday

We paid our respects up at the war memorial as the town held its remembrance parade and service in the market place. 
Gwen, Renee, Tim and Gwynneth

The Town Band leads the parade


The 18th Woodspring Annual fireworks display went off without a hitch except for one Catherine Wheel that decided to go bang rather dramatically instead of spinning. Guy looked on nervously but was spared his traditional fate.

Guy Fawkes

Donna brought in the clothes, straw and a stick for the backbone for making a Guy. Gwynneth painted his face and he then did the rounds posing for photos before sitting outside to wait for bonfire night...

Chris Stuffing

Donna Chris Gwynneth

Guy and Derrick

Joe, Guy and Chris

Ian Guy and Gwynneth

Phyllis and Guy

Reg, Guy and John