Monday 27 October 2014

Nastterjacks looks at a woman's world

 Jo brought in a selection of items themed around 'Womans' World'. A popular item of luggage was a vanity case  and Jo had one with scent bottles, hairdressing items, atomisers, and powder compacts. The suspender belt and silk stockings gave everyone a smile and helped get the discussion going. Rosa is a talented hairdresser and showed off her skills.

Gwen examines a french poodle scent bottle

Jane and |Reggie

Magda and scent bottle

Patricia powders her nose
Jo shows off her underwear!
John and silk stocking 

Rosa shows off her hairdressing skills with Patricia

Breakthrough Bakeoff

We held our Breakthrough bakeoff and friends, relatives, staff and the residents themselves got baking to raise funds for the breast cancer charity. The prize for the best looking cake went to a Tanya Humphreys for a fabulous chocolate creation. Judge was Renee's daughter Glenda. We raised £90 by selling the cakes, teas and coffees. A massive thankyou to everyone who helped.  

Gwen meets Sam's daughter and Heather's grandaughter


Teresa and Barbara

Chocolate heaven

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Breakthrough Bakeoff Gets Under Way

We've been doing our bit making buns ready for our:

Breakthrough Bakeoff Coffee Morning
Woodspring House
This Thursday 16th October
10.30 -12.30

Please join us for a coffee, buy a cake, eat some cake or bring a cake (or all 3!) .
All Proceeds to Breast Cancer Research

Derrick gets to grips with the Whisk



Gwen and Derrick

Ian and Gwen