Thursday 29 September 2011

Brilliant Computers

Storm is regularly assisting our Silver Surfers get the most out of the computers. Perhaps the most obviously rewarding aspect is using Skype to see and talk to relatives, but of course there's so much more, keeping up with hobbies and interests, emails and photos etc etc.

Mary has a Skype session with her daughter who is in Leicester every week and is shown chatting about family photos.


The garden is accessible at last and Rita the 'Lady Gardener' has been busy putting in the plants in the planters. These are high enough for the residents to do their bit in the future. It's so good to have all the doors open in the hot weather. Donna and Frances held chat club outside and talked about childhood toys, helped along by glove puppets.



Thanks to the new computers and Skype, Renee started her day by watching and listening to her grandchildren in Dubai singing happy birthday. Aah.

Tommy Thomas came in the afternoon and was a great hit before Lin brought the cake in and we all sang Happy Birthday.

Dorothy also had a birthday recently and spent the day surrounded by family and a display of wonderful flowers. Music and dancing, cake, and singing Happy Birthday followed. Sorry Dorothy but we forgot the camera on the day.

Wednesday 28 September 2011

By the Seaside

Donna and Frances brought their buckets and spades in and enough sand to make sandcastles with. Windmills and flags completed the illusion and Larry dressed for the occasion.