Monday 25 July 2016

Chat Club goes to the "beach"

We've been making the most of the garden this year. The rubber crumb and handrail have given us the peace of mind to have the garden doors open whenever the weather is warm enough. Having the doors open also gives a good breeze through the home on those hot days. 

Chat club theme was a day out at the beach and we talked about how in the old days it was a real treat. Factories used to close for the first 2 weeks in August and in Norfolk Yarmouth was booming.

Donna brought in some props to help get us in the mood and we had a go at sandcastles. Not quite the real thing but a bit of fun never the less.

Chris and Ian

Derrick and Donna

Greta and  Julia



Thursday 14 July 2016

Outing to Holkham

If we' listened to the weather forecast we might have stayed at home. As it was we had a few drops of rain just as we went into the Farm to Fork museum but by the time we came out it was fine again and it stayed fine for the rest of the day with sunny spells. 

After we'd eaten our picnic on the grass under some trees Ken got out his guitar and serenaded us. Movement to music Heather had some of her instruments in the car so we had maracas and tambourines to accompany him. 

It's quite a distance to the walled garden so some of us took the golf buggy and Adrian brought everyone else in the bus. It was worth the effort as the garden is very impressive and the greenhouses were massive. Lots of beautiful sights, smells and tastes from the odd scrumped strawberry. Thanks to the Age Concern bus and in particular Adrian the driver, everyone who came and helped and made it an enjoyable and relaxing day, Pearl and Lin for the picnic and the wonderful welcoming staff at Holkam Hall.

Jane, Phyllis, John and Julia

All Aboard -homeward bound

In the stables courtyard

Squires Gwyneth and Heather


Squires Ken and Chis and Ian

Mike and June

Peggy, John and Gwyneth

Picnic time

A travelling minstrel.

Gwyneth, Adrian, Ian, Renee,John, Jane and Peggy

Tim and Patricia

Saturday 9 July 2016


We celebrated Patricia's 90th with lots of her family. Razz and Aunty Pearl came to entertain. Razz really knows how to get a party going. It was Razz's birthday too so our Pearl had made him a special cake. Happy Birthday Patricia.
Patricia's family before.....

...and after the Razz effect

Razz and Audience

Patricia and cake and Gaynor

Spanish dancing

Gwyneth and Patricia

John's dog in a glass.

Mel, Pearl, Gaynor and Razz

Pearl and Razz

Razz and his cake

Nice shoes

Razz and team

Movement to Music

As a change from the usual movement to music things we do, Heather brought in some bubbles that Gwyneth was particularly good at blowing.

Gwyneth forever blowing bubbles

Patricia, Derrick and Magda

Elderflower Champagne

It is a bit late for elderflowers but Donna managed to find some and got everyone zesting and juicing and picking the flowers off the stalks. Lots of good smells and lets hope it tastes good too.

Magda and Ian

Meg and Terri