Wednesday 29 August 2012


Fakenham Carnival procession passed right by our gate on Saturday. We had an early lunch but it was still a rush to get outside in time.  Whilst there wasn't a huge amount of floats it was still a bit of fun and we gave them all a good cheer as they went past. We got a much better look at the Olympic torch too as the last time we'd been to see it, it had passed by a bit quickly. That afternoon there was a fete / fair going on at the Millenium Park and we made the trek up Queen's Road to go and have a look. All the time some very black and blue clouds with lightening flashes were getting ominously close. This didn't make for the most relaxing of backdrops and we didn't stay long before bolting for home. It turned out to be a wise decision as soon afterwards it poured down.

The Dragon

The Olympic Torch

Stilt Walkers

It's Coming..

It'sstill coming

Thursday 23 August 2012

Chat Club 'By the Seaside'

John and Chillu

'Just like that'

Frank and Martin

Renee Betty and Harry
After last week's picnic we carried on the summer theme by talking about the seaside. Renee and Frank had memories of going to Skegness (Skeggy), struggling to get the swimming costume on under a towel and sand in the sandwiches. Harry said that going to the beach was quite a special occasion and he went with his church. Donna brought in some sand and buckets and spades, hats and a knotted hanky. All we needed was the sea. 

We're wondering if there's a local beach near a car park and accessible for wheelchairs, where you can get near the water. Any ideas?

Under The Gazebo

We've had the gazebo up for most of the summer. It gives a bit of shade if it's hot and a bit of shelter if it's not. Putting it up is always a chore but luckily Tim had Doreen on hand to help.

Doreen and Tim putting up the Gazebo

A cup of tea under the gazebo

Friday 17 August 2012

Picnic at Sandringham

Donna had got everyone making Sandwiches at Chat Club on Tuesday morning  so the question of actually having a picnic came up. Since the weather looked good and the bus was available we decided on Thursday afternoon with the only tricky thing being where to go. We thought Sandringham would be good as there would be shady spots or sunshine and it's quite sheltered from the wind. 

Mary and Edna

Renee Frodo and George

The Party

Harry and Jill

John and Kayleigh

We took a scenic route there, going through Bircham and Anmer. Harry knew the area well having spent a lot of time working at Bircham. Having gone round the scenic drive we found a good spot not far from the vistors' centre ( and toilets). Thankyou to every who came and helped and to Harry's daughter Jill who took some of the photos.

Sunday 12 August 2012

Olympic Action at Woodspring House

A warm sunny day was all we needed to put our numbers on, get outside and join in the Olympic spirit. Netball, volleyball, quoits and shotput were the events taking place. Mary got the Woodpring House record for quoits with a score of 750 after 4 heats!

After a refreshing cup of tea we had a medal ceremony. Donna's friends daughter Fionn  presented the medals to all participants.

The Quoits Team in Action

Doreen gets her Medal

The Medal Holders

Mick and Donna

Mary and Edna Play Netball

Beach Volleyball

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Summer Pudding

Harry Preparing Fruit

Rene Doreen John Preparing Fruit
Donna brought in the ingredients for summer pudding and got the little electric cooker ring going. The smell of the gently stewing fruit was delicious.

Facials with Sue

Sue is now doing facials as well as her manicures and foot spa. Cucumber slices for the eyes were lots of fun but we really need a couch for the client to lie down on as otherwise they tend to slide off.
Sue and Doreen

Sue and Mary

Sue and Edna


We've been busy updating the menus. It's been quite a task as we've had to decide what to have on the menu, get it all typed up and printed and then laminated. Four menus for each day for 4 weeks makes 112 menus. This is less than half the job as we need to get photos done of each dish so that it will be much easier for people to decide what they want to eat. You can buy pictures of various dishes but they don't really look much like what you would get on your plate so we thought that photos of the actual dish is the way to go.

Mary and Lin and a Menu
Mary is pictured with Lin studying a menu.

John Harris on Piano

John Harris came and gave us an afternoon of wonderful piano music. He knows so many tunes and makes it more fun by picking a theme and we then all have to think of songs with the word in the title. He then plays the tune. For example we had songs connected to the sea so we managed everything from My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean to Sailing by Rod Stewart.
John Harris plays Piano