Sunday 26 July 2015

Outing to Pensthorpe

Our 3rd outing this month was to Pensthorpe. It was quite hard work with fairly long distances over not the smoothest of paths but it was good to be out in the fresh air enjoying nature. A nice cup of tea was a  reward at the end for the hard work.

Movement to Music with Edith (and Heather)

Heather brought grand-daughter Edith to Movement to Music and she soon took over helping and encouraging everyone to join in. It's been said before,but the Edith's ability to brighten the day is very evident from all the smile she brings out.

Edith gives instructions

Edith and Meg

Reg, Mary M and Edith. Heather's out of a job

More Edith

John, Joan F and Heather

Outside in the Sun

We had a good chat-club outside and enjoyed the sun before Tim dug up the lawn.

Chris and Ian




Iris and Reg

Reg in action

Gwen and Renee

Outing to Thursford

There's lots to see and do at Thursford, from old steam engines to fairground rides to an impressive organ being played very well. Another enjoyable day out

Gwen and Derrick

The keyboard from above.

Magda and Gwyneth

Nora and Mick C

Nora and Luke

Renee gets assistance to get off the gondola

The team

Trevor and Mary P. John and Luke

Outing to the Broads

This was a wonderful day out and the excitement went on for some days afterwards. Carolina, Rosa and Jane were the lucky crew who did a great job of making it such a success and thanks to Anabella for the picnic. The boat is specially adapted for the less-able with a lift for getting on and off.

Jamie Oliver has a very grand riverside house
Captain Carolina

Captain Jane

Captain Rosa

Mary M and Carolina

Jamie Oliver's House


Magda, Gwyneth, Ian, Chris and Derrick

Mick C, Gwen and Renee

A passing boat

Ready to cast off.

Rosa and Magda

Normal Service is now resuming

It's been nearly a month since the last post and I apologise for that. A lot has been happening with 3 outings as well as the usual in-house things. The writer has been busy on other things and recent visitors will have seen the garden being dug up and tons of hardcore going in. This is the base for 'rubber crumb' which will cover the patio area and a new path to the bottom of the garden. Rubber crumb is a firm but slightly forgiving surface which will be smooth and easy to walk on and much, much safer than concrete slabs if someone should have a fall.