Monday 2 January 2017

Movement to Music

The last movement to music of 2016 was a bit special as Heather's daughter Rachael and her baby Arthur came. She also brought her dog who was very well behaved. Babies and dogs really do make it much more interesting and fun. Arthur has already got the hang of the maracas.

Reg, Colette, Rachael, Joe and Arthur

Basil, Carol and Arthur

Basil, Carol and Mary C

Derrick and Irene

Marjorie, Deanne, Gwyneth and Heather

Arthur, Ena, Gwyneth and friend, Renee and Ian

Christmas Day

We had lots of visitors on Christmas day including a visit from the mayor dressed as an elf - we like people that don't take themselves too seriously. Norman played the piano beautifully too which was treat. A special mention for the Christmas Day Crew who did an outstanding job to make it a really good day.

Heather and Carol


Ellen and Kenny


Hayley and Patricia


Joe and Peggy

John with the Mayor in the background.


Mary C

Heather and Mary M


Heather and Patricia S

Patricia W and Anabella



The Wonderful Christmas Morning Crew
Bill, Kasia, Anabella, Julia, Heather, Kirsty, Carolina and Carlo

Christmas Eve

John Harris provided the music for our traditional carol singing around the piano. Father Christmas made an appearance to deliver some secret santa presents that the staff had given the residents.

Colette and Derrick

Irene and Diane

Ena and Donna

John Harris has a break.

Santa puts in an appearance.

Basil and Nancy

Carol and Gaynor.

Chris and Donna

Joe and Peggy

Patricia and Colette

Christmas Flower Arranging

Rita our lady gardener is a professional florist too. She came to show us how to do some Christmas decorations which brightened up the home for a few days.


Gwyneth and Renee


Rita in action.