Thursday 30 November 2017

Bawdeswell outing and Christmas cooking prep

It has been very busy at Woodspring House in the last week, as the Christmas preparations get under way. The Christmas pudding has been made, Victoria has been busy creating our custom made advent calendar, Heather came in to do movement to music and we even had time to fit in a trip to Bawdeswell Garden Centre for a dementia friendly lunch. It will get busier as the festive season approaches, check out December's activity chart for all that's on around Christmas.

Gwyneth making the advent boxes with the work experience girls

 Victoria's advent calandar boxes in the making

 John Harris came in to play the piano, getting us warmed up ready for Christmas Eve.

 Christmas pud prep

 Donna and Audrey

Cooking prep with Michael and Pauline

Bawdeswell Garden Centre dementia friendly lunch: Magda, Tim and Patricia

 Enjoying the soups and cake at Bawdeswell garden centre

 Victoria with Gwyneth, Audrey and Joan

Gwyneth, Pauline and Michael get stuck in making the pudding

 Audrey enjoying a tipple of sherry, it wouldn't be the festive season without it!

Derrick in Movement to Music

Michael mixing up a treat

Wednesday 22 November 2017

Mick's birthday

Yesterday was Mick's birthday and to celebrate we had Paul Martin in to sing us some country and western tunes. He got everyone up and started a Line dance, all that's missing are the cowboy hats and boots! 
Carlo and Pauline on the dance floor

Carlo and Pauline

 Conga or line dance?

Monday 13 November 2017

New Facebook page

Woodspring House has a new Facebook page, please follow this link  to like and follow. Please follow this link for our Facebook page as we did have an old one which is now no longer in use, but is still around on Facebook. We are hoping to update the blog and Facebook simultaneously, so those who do not use social media can still keep in touch with what we have been up to at the home. 

Remember, remember the 5th of November

On the 5th of November we had the Woodspring House firework display, and in the run up to it we got busy making a "Guy" for the occasion. Strangely, our Guy looks a little too happy to be burning at the stake... perhaps it was his celeb status that made him cherry, everyone wanted to get their picture taken with Woodspring's newest member!

 Gwneth and Pauline add the face to the Guy

 Michael helping Donna stuff the Guy

 Diane and Gwneth add the finishing touches

 Andrew and Donna fooling around 

 Well, he's not going to run off in a hurry... Andrew poses with our footless guy

 John, Guy and Gwneth

 Gwneth, Guy and Pauline get close for a picture

The fireworks!

 Irene and Guy pose for the camera

 Audrey welcoming our newest member 

Victoria and Audrey with Mr Fawkes