Wednesday 7 October 2015

Art Club

We have many talented and enthusiastic artists. 

The Tour of Britain

We were very lucky that the Tour of Britain came past the home. The build up with the police motorcycles  is as exciting as the cyclists themselves which is all over in a flash.

John's Birthday

Razz and Aunty Pearl came to entertain everyone on John's Birthday. You will have fun!


The parachute is always good for a bit of fun.

Friday Club

Friday Club, or Natterjacks as it's also known, always has a variety of things happening from throwing a ball about to art appreciation.

Happy Birthday Renee

Timescape performed music from  the musicals for Renee's birthday. The photographer was particularly busy.

Art Club

Art Club is always a popular event.

Happy Birthday Derrick

Class Act came to entertain for Derrick's birthday. Happy Birthday Derrick.