Friday 28 June 2019

Fakenham Library Sax Band

Last week we walked up to Fakenham Library to listen to the Sax band made of 5 young ladies from the local area. Then we made the short walk back to Woodspring.

Freda and Amy

Freda, Sam and Amy

Lisa, Colette, Edna and Chloe

The sax band

The recorder group

Victoria's Hen Party

With only a week to go before the big day, Victoria wanted to celebrate with the family at Woodspring House. We put our sashes, fairy wings and crowns on and got on the dance floor! Carl dressed as Elvis and played a collection of different songs and we even had the pleasure of Lisa on karaoke. The big day is tomorrow, Congratulations Victoria!

Elga and Victoria

Peggy, Joe and Pauline

Nicky and Marie

Freda and Elvis

Joan and Kirsty


On the dance floor

Pauline and Colette



Pauline and Elvis

Steve and Lisa

Wednesday 26 June 2019

Janet and Gwyneth's birthday!

Last week it was Janet's birthday so to celebrate we got Terry Adams in! There was a lot of dancing, something that Janet always loves to do! Happy Birthday Janet! And yesterday was Gwyneth's birthday. We had Carl come in to sing some of the classic tunes and like always, get people up on the dance floor!

Rosa and Joan

Jent and Danny


Carolina and Audrey

Peggy and Ken

Terry Adams

Happy Birthday Janet! Janet with Julia and Danny

Tim and Pauline

Spinning on the dancefloor


Betty and her son Alan

Peggy and Pauline

Carolina and Audrey

Marie and Rosa

On the dancefloor

Gwyneth's birthday

Carl with the ladies on the dancefloor 

Saturday 22 June 2019

Alzheimer's Week: Making Cupcakes

To raise money for The Alzheimer's Society we had a cupcake decorating day! The residents and staff got creative to make some delicious looking treats which we put in the entrance to raise £18 for The Alzheimer's Society. Thank you to everyone that bought one!

Gwyneth and Audrey engrossed in their work

Joan and Victoria

Marie and Pauline


Marie makes some cupcakes


Shelia decorates her cake

Look at the beautiful creation!


Friday 21 June 2019

Magda's 90th Birthday

Last week Magda turned 90 and to celebrate we had a party at Woodspring House. The entertainment was provided by Barry Bryant who played some tunes on the piano and Magda's family came in to celebrate with her. To celebrate Magda's amazing life there were pictures from her life and the party ended by singing a Polish song together. Happy Birthday Magda!!

Magda receives her cake

Pictures from Magda's life

Magda surrounded by her family 

Magda sings a Polish song with her family

Chat club: Dressing up

As Ascot is on at the moment we thought it would be fitting to share with you our chat club session from last week. We focussed on dressing up, so Donna got out her dressing up box and we had fun wearing some of the more unusual items in there; especially the hats! Do you think we could win best dressed at Ascot?

Steve, Pauline and Victoria

Gwyneth strikes a pose

and another!

Betty looking elegant in her gloves

Ken strikes a pose in his hat

Freda rocking her look

Joan looks picture perfect with her hat and gloves

Ken looking sophisticated in his bowler hat

Janet looking regal in her gloves and hat combo

The dressing up box on the table