Wednesday 30 October 2013

Vimala's Leaving Party

Today was a sad day for Woodspring House as Vimala is leaving us for pastures new. She has been with us for 10 years and will be greatly missed by everyone. We wish her best wishes and good luck working for the NHS at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Lynn.

Whilst it was a sad day, we gave her a good send off with a party. She dressed in her beautiful sari and Donna brought in some other saris which Renee, Iris and Lin put on (with Vimala's assistance.) The music was quite diverse ranging from Indian music to the Conga to Abba to Vera Lyn. 'We'll Meet Again' brought a tear to several eyes so we moved on quickly with a rousing 'For she's a jolly good fellow'


More Dancers

Donna Vicky Ada and Howard

Vimala and |Lin, Enid and Haydon

Iris and Jenny W

Iris and Vimala

Jenny and Mary C

Lin and George

Mary M and Ada

Mick and Heather

Renee and Vimala

Beautiful Vimala

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Autumn Fun and Games

Chat club was autumnal this week. Donna brought in some pumpkins, sweet chestnuts, acorns, apples and pears and the main attraction - CONKERS! The skewering was done by Donna for health and safety reasons ( a visiting social worker still has a scar on the palm of her hand from conker-skewering as a child). Various tricks for making conkers stronger were brought up, such as soaking them in vinegar and baking in the oven. Pat in the kitchen said that you should put them on the windowsill to keep spiders away.

John and Iris's daughter Gill, were very competitive but on balance we can say John was the conker champion.


Iris and Gill

Gill and John get competitive.

Mary C and Donna

Renee gets a hit on David's conker.

Who's that at the window?

Sunday 27 October 2013

Another week and another Movement to Music

Movement to music has been going particularly well recently. Perhaps having a few times off to go round the market has helped ?
Ada Mary C and Cindy

Cindy and Heather practice deportment

Tessa and Renee show how it's done

Ellen in action

Herbert in action


Mary C in action


The team

Friday 18 October 2013

Friday Club

Jo came for her weekly Friday Club (Cognitive Stimulation Therapy or CST). The group song is I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts, which always creates lots of laughs. Rolling a ball along the table, whilst it sounds a bit tame, is actually a lot of fun.
Iris and Ada

Mary M and Ellen

Mary M, Ellen, John, Herbert, Renee and Iris

Elsie's Birthday

After Enid's birthday it was Elsie's turn. Billy Cunliffe filled the dance floor  with lots of old favourites and medleys.

Kirsty Ada and Mick


Cindy, Iris and Mick

Iris Renee Enid Tessa Mary and Billy Cunliffe

Happy Birthday Elsie

George does the honours for Elsie

Mary C

John Vimala Tessa Pearl and Cindy

Enid Birthday

Enid's Birthday was the first of a flurry of birthdays. Paul Denny provided the music and everyone had a great time.

Haydon and Iris

Heather and Mick
Enid Heather

Thursday 10 October 2013

Movement to Music

The weather was just a little too rough for a ramble so it was good to get back to movement to music. Some days things just seem a lot more fun and today was  one of those days. Herbert's son and Iris' daughter Gill joined in too.

Ellen in action

John plays the fool

Mary M , Iris and Gill

Sandy, Elsie John and Renee

Woodspring Ramblers

The Woodspring Ramblers were out and about again on Market Day with the added attraction of a quilt exhibition going on in the church. 

As per usual John and Ellen met lots of people they knew and Ellen was given a dressed crab for her tea by an old friend on the fish stall. We stopped to listen to Malachi's brother Henry playing the saxophone. He played 'I Vow to Thee my Country' and 'Land of Hope and Glory' especially for us.

After enjoying the impressive quilts on show we enjoyed tea and biscuits in the church before getting home just in time for lunch.

Iris, Tim, Edna and Barbara

Sandy, Ellen and Mary M

Henry and saxophone

John Enid and Iris

John meets someone he knows/

Ellen meets someone she knows.