Tuesday 17 April 2018

Woodspring House had a little lamb

It wouldn't be Easter without a little lamb, so instead of going to see them this year we brought them to us. Everyone really enjoyed having an adorable little lamb in the home, it was smothered with kisses and cuddles!

 Patricia with the lamb

 A big kiss!

 Andrew says hello to the lamb

And they exchange a very polite handshake

Andrew and the lamb

Puzzles and coffee

Audrey and the lamb

Joan and the lamb
Eric and the lamb
Betty and the lamb

Pauline and the lamb

Norman and the lamb

Phyllis with the lamb

Woodspring House's newest addition

Mary and Eric's 64th wedding anniversary

Recently we celebrated Mary and Eric's 64th wedding anniversary! We got the popular western singer Terry Adams in to sing for us, and as per usual he got everyone up and dancing in our new Orangery. Congratulations Eric and Mary!

Steve gives us a wave 
 Eric, Mary, daughter Sue & Grandaughter Lisa & family
Everyone dancing 
 Resident Barbara getting into the western vibe

Magda with her daughter Kasha 
The staff enjoying the music

 Pauline is always up on the dance floor

 Marjorie and Audrey

 Gwyneth and Victoria

 Terry Adams

 Rosa and Pauline

Everyone dancing

Sunday 15 April 2018

New additions to Woodspring House

Back in November we had to say goodbye to our lovely old Beech tree. It was a sad decision but a necessary one. But now we are pleased to reveal that we have had the incredible wood carver Ben Loughrill come in to transform our tree stumps into beautiful works of art! They now stand pride of place at our entrance and proudly watch over us. Thanks Ben for an amazing job, they look incredible! Treecycling Check out Ben's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/treecycling77/ or google him to see all of his work featured in various publications. What do you think?

Classical Music at the Church

On the first Saturday of the month we took some residents down to Fakenham Church to see a classical music performance. This month was given to the Oboe and next month it is dedicated to Music around the world. The quality was very good and everyone enjoyed the trip out, we look forward to the next one.
 Music in the church

Gwyneth, Audrey and Pauline at the church

Saturday 7 April 2018

Easter Bonnet parade

Over the Easter weekend the staff and residents at Woodspring House made some amazing easter bonnets and it would only be right if there was a parade afterwards to show off these amazing hats!
The tree of life, the new artwork in Woodspring House

Pearl, our cook, parades one of the bonnets

Audrey and Gwyneth - two ladies in style

Ken our in house entertainer and Gwyneth

Gwyneth and Pauline share a joke

George and Joan with their Easter bonnets on

Steve with his Easter bonnet on!

Friday 6 April 2018

Sport Relief fund raising total!

Congratulations to everyone at Woodspring House for their efforts in raising £200 for Sport Relief a couple of weeks ago! And thank you to everyone who donated and helped out on the day! 😄

Thursday 5 April 2018

Easter Antics!

Well, well, well Woodspring House has been incredibly busy over the Easter period, who said anything about it being a holiday? There have been games, flower arranging, Easter bonnet making and baking! Everyone will need a holiday after all this!

 Pauline tries on her Easter bonnet

 Pauline makes her Easter bonnet

 Gwyneth licks the bowel clean after making the Simnel cake
 Egg decorating
 Joan makes her bonnet
 Andrew paints his Easter egg
 Steve egg decorating

 The staff join in the fun

 Simnel cake making

 Weighing the ingredients

 The final masterpiece

 Playing inside games

Everyone joins in 

 Everyone tries out a new game to Movement to Music, the rhyming game!

 Everyone with their finished flower arrangements

 Our personal flourist, the beautiful Rita shows off her talent

 Everyone making their flower baskets

 You've got to break a few eggs to make an omelette!

Magda enjoying flower arranging