Thursday 31 March 2016

Easter Time

We had a lot of fun at Easter. Everyone enjoyed modelling the hats they'd made. The cake was a traditional simmnel cake made in chat club. Thanks to Gladys' friend Janet for some of the photos.

Pearl, Lisa and Victoria

Chris, Jane, Emma and Sophie

The Simnel cake

Very Beautiful Chris!

Gladys and Lisa




Joe and Rosa




Friday 25 March 2016


We went to see the lambs at Lin and John O'Dells farm at Tattersett. It's very convenient as we can get the bus right up to the lambing pens and could see the gangs of lambs chasing about. Lin brought us 2 orphans to bottle feed and they were a big hit. We considered smuggling them home with us but the thought of 2 fully grown sheep to look after brought us to our senses. Chris and Gwyneth had looked after lambs in the past and so were very confident.


Chris and John



Gwyneth and Victoria

Lin O'Dell


Maternity Ward

Joe and Peggy

Easter Flowers

Our Lady Gardener Rita is also a professional flower arranger and came to help us do some arrangements for Easter. Hopefully they'll still be looking good by then, although it might be a challenge in the warmth of Woodspring

Chris, Gwyneth, Alina


Gladys, Joe and Rosa



Joe and Rosa

Rita, Derrick, Chris, Gwyneth and Alina

Creating order from chaos!

Saturday 19 March 2016

We Did The Sport Relief Mile

Residents, relatives, staff and friends of Woodspring House walked the mile for Sport Relief, raising in excess of £250. The route took us through the town and down to the River Wensum at Gogg's Mill. We stopped there for a photo opportunity and to feed the ducks and hens before crossing the bridge and making it to the garden centre for a warm-up and a welcome cup of tea. The final stretch was back a long the river bank from Hempton and back to the warmth.

A big thank you to everyone one who helped, to everyone who sponsored us and to Fakenham Garden Centre for making us so welcome.

Howard and Gwyneth

Magda, Donna and Chris

Nearly half way

Stepping Out

A photo opportunity

Victoria and Mary C

Saturday 12 March 2016

Movement to Music

Heather's broken her leg but that didn't stop her coming to do a movement to music session, ably helped by daughter Katrina and granddaughter Edith.

Ian, Renee, Gwyneth, Derrick and Heather

Derrick in action

Katrina, Edith, Ian and Renee

Donna and June in action

Poppy and Ian

The Parachute

Getting the parachute out and rolling a ball over it is a simple but fun thing to do. It can get a bit competitive with trying to woosh the ball over to the other side.

Renee, Carolina and Derrick

Ian and John in action

June. Reg and Ian

Simnel Cake

Donna got the ingredients for our simnel cake and got everyone organised to do their bit. 

Chris and Ian


Mick, Donna and Derrick

Magda, Renee and Meg

Magda and Renee

Xen Arts

Xenoula runs Xen Arts and now comes regularly. Her enthusiasm is infectious.

Gwyneth, Ian Chris

Chris and Xenoula jiving

Xenoula, Magda, Ian and Renee

Derrick, Victoria, Chris and Gwyneth

Xenoula and Magda

Meg, Magda Xenoula and Reg