Saturday 22 February 2014

Friday Club with Jo Baldwin

This week Jo brought in all things gardening and this stimulated lots of conversation. Derrick used to have a Qualcast push lawnmower which he did a very good job with.

Enid, Mary C, Sandy , Jo and Herbert

Movement to Music with Heather

Thursday mornings is Movement to Music day and Heather brought all her usual fun props. Apart from the music we had a game of 'golf' using a big ball and clubs.

Mary M. in action , Ada preferring a cup of tea.

Derrick and Mick C in action

Heather, Ellen , Mary C hiding , Bill C and Ada.

Music For Health with Wendy Mears

Wendy brought us her monthly high energy session on Wednesday afternoon.

Mary C and Ada

Mary M, Enid and Derrick

The Team

Wendy and George

John and Wendy

Arts and Crafts with Vicky

We've had a busy week with lots happening. Vicky, assisted by Sandy got a particularly good crowd for Arts and crafts this week.

The Team

Derrick, Iris and John

2 Combs John and Renee, Sandy and Mary C

Friday 7 February 2014

Patrick on Piano

Friday afternoons are a real pleasure when Patrick comes to play the piano. The gentle music drifts through the home. 

Friday Club

As well as the usual orientation things (day,time,place,season etc), Jo brought in lots of objects and we had to see what items went together.
Jo and audience

Renee and Mary C concentrating

Derek, Herbert and Enid

Snowdrops Ride out

We took the bus out for the first time this year. The weather could have been better but it could have been worse too! 

We took the scenic route to Walsingham, and stopped for a good view of the snowdrops. There was a man pulling ivy off the trees and we wondered what he was doing for a while. 

We then drove to Wells harbour and lived dangerously by crossing a river ford, which was surprisingly low considering the recent weather. Luckily we didn't have to draw lots to see who would wade out to get assistance.... The harbour was nearly deserted which meant we could park near the edge and get a good view out and we had a tiny amount of bread which got the local bird life excited.

We came home via Holkham, Burnham Market and the Creakes and were all warm and snug indoors before the weather took a turn for the worse.

The view from the bus.

What is he doing?

On Wells Quay.

All Aboard

Arts and Crafts

Vicky got the paints out for a good session of arts and crafts. 
Mary C



Iris, Vicky and Mick C

Happy Birthday Mary M.

Class Act lived up to their name and sang beautifully for Mary M's birthday.
Ada Being Serenaded

Heather and Norman dancing

Hayden, Mary and Heather

John and Edna

Mary C

John models a new hat..

Norman being serenaded.


Tuesday 4 February 2014

Happy Birthday Barbara and Ellen

We didn't have any birthdays in January and now have 2 on one day. It was a shame that Ellen wasn't feeling too well and missed out on the party. Andrew Flintham brought in his collection of old vinyl favourites and a record player to play them on. The Batchelors, Bing and the Andrew's Sisters, Music Hall favourites and the Ovaltineys featured. Several of us were 'Ovaltineys'. Andrew gave us a bit of background about each record and showed round the covers of each album. Victor Sylvester gave us the backing for Happy Birthday as the cake came out.
Barbara, Jess  and Cake.

Iris studies a Batchelors album.


Mick and Mary M

Mary P

Mick W. and Andrew Flintham with  Bing album.

Renee and John in full song.

Chinese New Year

It was Chinese New Year on Friday and since Jo Baldwin couldn't make it Donna brought in the chopsticks and some Chinese nibbles. She also had a book on the Chinese horoscope so it was fun seeing who's Birth year went with what animal. It's the year of the horse this year but we haven't got any horses, but we do have a pig, a dragon, a rooster, a few sheep etc. You'll have to guess who might be who!
Derrick cheats with the chopsticks

Renee and Jessie trying the spring rolls. 

Sunday 2 February 2014

Movement to Music

Heather came to do her weekly session of movement to music. Donna found an emu glove puppet on the market who had a mind of his own and enjoyed attacking people (in the nicest possible way.)

Derrick, Mick C and Enid

Renee Emu and Donna