Saturday 23 May 2015

A Lamb Visits

Donna had bought Heather's daughter Mandy a bag of sheep nuts as a thankyou for letting us visit her lambs earlier in the spring. She came to collect the nuts in person and brought a friend and her baby and a wooly friend came aswell.  The lambs are quite a bit bigger now but Chris took charge and carried him round to meet everyone.

Barbara and lamb

Chris and lamb and Mandy's friend and baby.

Mandy, lamb and Joan F

Chris, lamb and John

Jo, Mandy's friend and John

Chris, lamb and Norman

Natterjacks do Water colours

Jo brought in the paints and watercolour card for an art session. The results were really quite impressive.

Ian, Gwen and Magda

Gwen and Magda

Iris, Mick C., Gwendolin and Mary C 

Mary C, Reg and Chris

Renee and Iris

A Royal Night Out at the Cinema

We had the Hollywood cinema to ourselves for a matinee showing of A Royal Night Out, a film about what Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret might have got up to on the night of the VE day celebrations. It was really very good and there were lots and lots of oportunities for reminiscence.


Lots of our seeds have come up and needed potting on. We've filled big tubs which will be full of nice herbs like coriander, parsley, tarragon and thyme. The nights are still a bit chilly for putting out the tomatoes that we grew from seed.  We've sown some sunflowers which is something to look forward to.

Chris and Magda

Renee the flowerpot lady

Gwen, Ian and Renee

Mick C

Renee, Rosa and Reg

Wednesday 13 May 2015

VE Day Celebrations

Woodspring House celebrated VE Day with style. Paul Benny and Jayne Martyn dressed the part and did a brilliant performance of all the old war-time music. There was the nostalgic sing-a-longs of We'll Meet Again and White Cliffs of Dover, then Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major and lots of favourite dance tunes too. At the end we got very patriotic and had a chance to wave the flags with Land of Hope and Glory and There'll Always be an England. After the music we got out the best china and had a wonderful tea complete with red, white and blue decorated cup-cakes. Special mention to Pearl for the tea, Donna for doing such a good job of organising and of course the singers who really were exceptional.

Chris keeping an eye on the cakes


Donna and Renee doing the Lambeth walk

Emma, Trevor and Mary and Gwen

Iris and Magda

Joan F really enjoyed it.

John does a Churchill impersonation

Julia and Ellen

Magda shows Paul a sketch of him

Mary C in patriotic mood.

Mary M

Mick W

Nora, Anabella and Gaynor

Land of Hope and Glory

Paul and Jayne 

Paul and Jayne

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Gaynor, Tim and Doreen's Birthdays too.

Gaynor, Tim and Doreen have birthdays all within days of each other. Tim's was a big one - enough said.. Pearl had done lots of baking

Tim gets a cake.

Gaynor gets a cake too.

Emma, Tim and Angela

Happy Birthday Mick C

Abba look- a-likey Jayne Martyn came to entertain for Mick C's birthday. All the fun and glamour of Abba. Happy Birthday Mick!

Jayne in Action

Jayne and Mick

Nora and Mick

Patricia and Emma
Nora, Mick, Pearl and cake.

A Bit of Gardening

Donna brought in the bits and pieces so we could get some seeds started. Reg's wife Heather, and Caitlin who is doing work experience, came and helped. Caitlin's just been accepted for Nursing - CONGRATULATIONS Caitlin!. It was a reasonable day so we got outside in the afternoon but it was still too cold to spend much time in the garden.
Ada and Caitlin

Gwen and Ian

Mary M, Jane and Reg

Reg and Heather

Ian and Reg enjoying the sun

Chat Club and Natterjack

Both Natterjacks and Chat Club happen weekly on Friday and Tuesday respectively. A few photos including Red Lipstick day on the 1st May.

Derrick  tries some goggles for size. (He was a dispatch rider in the war)

Gwen tries out the original onesy for size. Apparently known as a combination.

Reg and a collarless shirt

Chris shows his feminine side for Red Lippy Day

Gwen and red lippy.


Mary C