Thursday 20 June 2013

Outing to Sandringham Rhododendrons

We took the bus for a ride out to see the rhododendrons at Sandringham. We went via the tiny lanes to Shereford and stopped to look at the railway crossing house beside the Wensum as this was Ellen's childhood home and it brought back happy memories for her. This year we timed it right to see a good display of flowers and pottered about the Sandringham roads, seeing the beautiful wrought iron gates and Wolferton railway station. Then we drove along the scenic drive to the visitors centre and a welcome ice cream. These melted rather fast so it took a lot of concentration and quick licking to keep them from dripping.

Mary and Mary concentrating on the ice cream.

All for you Naz ?

On the Beach

The dining room didn't quite give the right atmosphere but it was still a bit chilly to be outside so a big dose of imagination was needed. Sand, sun hats, buckets and spades and windbreak all helped set the scene. By the next chat club things had warmed up enough and we got outside to put the sun hats to good use.

Iris, David and Mick in the background tidying the garden .

David models the traditional knotted hankie.

Ellen shows how it's done watched by Ada

Renee watches Mary getting to work.



David Georgie Renee


Thursday 6 June 2013

Art Appreciation at Friday Club

As well as the usual activities we do in her Cognitive Stimulation Therapy sessions, (Better known as Friday Club), Jo brought in some prints of works of art. These stimulated lots of discussion.

Ada Jo Enid


Gordon's Birthday

Razz and Pearl returned to keep us entertained on Gordon's Birthday.  Silly balloon hats, lots of laughs and music are the order of the day. Happy Birthday Gordon!

Gordon Patricia and cake

Mick and Razz


Razz Gordon and Patricia

Movement to Music with parachute

Donna got the parachute and ball out for Movement to Music. It's great fun keeping the ball moving and imagining it being tossed around by a stormy sea. 
Ada Renee Enid
Ellen and Sam