Saturday 29 September 2012

To The Flower Festival

We walked up to see the flower festival at the church. There were some stunning displays but perhaps our favourite was the jungle complete with alligator. Barry pushed Edna's wheelchair but he had to catch a bus so she got a special pusher on the way back - Reverend Bell. Thanks to him and Howard, Barry and Jenny, Vicky and Renee's sister Di who came with us.
Dr and Mrs Livingstone we presume

Larry in the Jungle

Mary setting off  into the jungle.

The Team

 There will be more pictures to post at a later date. Watch this space.

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Arts and Crafts

Vicky has been getting everyone busy painting leaves for an Autumn tree that will appear soon in the dining room. Gordon suggested perhaps having a river and an autumn sun behind it - sounds good..

Renee meanwhile got on with her own painting and is a talented artist.

The music was playing in the background so Ada and Tim had a quick dance.

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Chat Club does Housework

Donna got a good conversation going talking all things housework. She dressed the part with headscarf, old fashioned pinny and marigold gloves. She couldn't find her rollers to complete the picture. Mick and Harry had a good go at polishing the brass and lucky John had his shoes done too. Somehow the conversation always seems to get around to toilets and Renee remembered cutting up squares of newspapers and scrunching it up to make it softer, using the tissue paper wrappers from oranges and more recently the infamous tracing paper....

Mick's wife Judy joined in and remembered having the bath under the table and the table top was moved up against the wall when you needed a bath. This prompted quite a few people to have similar reminiscences.

Thursday 20 September 2012

Movement to Music

Heather Harrison came to do her regular movement to music today. You're supposed to use your hands John!

The Staff Sports Day

Following on from the residents' Olympic sports day we thought it would be fun to involve the staff too. It ended up with everyone having a go and everyone presenting everyone with medals! The results on the day were for the residents Gold to Vallee, Silver to Ada, and Bronze to John. On the staff side of things Vimala won Gold, Jenny Silver and Kasia Bronze. It wasn't the winning or the medals that mattered but the taking part as it was great fun and lots of laughs and quite loud too. Thanks to Howard for keeping scores.

Flower Arranging

It's been a while since Rita, the Lady Gardener, came and did flower arranging so we thought it was about time. She is a qualified florist as well as being a good gardener. John made himself a wonderful 'button-hole', but the main aim was to have some lovely table decorations.

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Rita, Rene and Julie

Vallee and Chillu

Ruby the Dog Visiting

Tim and Donna's dog Ruby loves visiting. Unfortunately this might have as much to do with checking out the waste paper baskets for old biscuits as it does with being friendly but she does love a pat too. John   is very good with her and took her (and Martin) for a walk to Gogg's Mill and back through town the other day.

Friday 14 September 2012

Laying The Tables

Mary used to work in RAF canteens and so is a great help setting tables and clearing up as well. Ada appreciates the good service.

Harvest Loaf

Making the loaf for the Harvest Festival was an excuse for getting creative and getting sticky fingers too. It was really very impressive and the finished article was even better than the pictures show as it now has a nice brown glaze on it.  We need Reverend Bell to come and do a harvest service now. 

Friday 7 September 2012

Movement to Music

Heather Harrison came for the regular Thursday movement to music. If anything it was even more fun than usual with Dick playing the fool with a headscarf which gave Mick a giggle. John reckons Doreen would make a good goalie as she intercepted the ball every time it came near.

Renee's Birthday

It was  Renee's birthday on Wednesday. Class Act came to entertain and with their cordless microphones manged to include everyone.  Renee's close family all came and joined in and a special treat was a dance with grandson Chris. Thanks to David for taking the photos.


We popped next door again for a spot of ten pin bowling. Frank was by far the highest scorer and got 2 strikes in succession. Mike (Harry's son) had popped in to visit his dad so came out with us which was great, and thanks also to Ken, Chillu, Debbie and Tonia who came and helped.

Monday 3 September 2012

Ken's Birthday

Donna spotted Billy Wells busking with his clarinet in town and booked him for Ken's birthday. It was good to have something a bit different. Happy Birthday Ken.