Sunday 28 June 2015

Movement to Music with Heather and Edith

It's always great when Heather brings her granddaughter to movement to music. She brings smiles to everyone and is very useful for collecting the ball if it goes out of play.

Arts and Crafts

Art club is always a popular event.

Reg and Sophie

Mary C


Gwyneth's Birthday

Gwyneth has only just joined us so we hadn't got an entertainer organised. Since  the tea dance was the day before we had that as a party and Pearl made a cake for the day and got the wine out for a toast.

Happy Birthday Gwyneth.

Tea Dance

Donna organised a tea dance and Kitty Collins came to sing and did a wonderful tribute to the 40's and 50's . Gwyneth could remember dancing at the Hammersmith Palais near the end of the war. Pearl did a beautiful spread of sandwiches and scones and buns. 


Chris and Gwyneth

Derrick and Jane

Chris finds a comfortable seat

June guards the cakes.

Mick C and Kirsty

Renee and Kitty


Chris and Victoria


Sadly Puss got run over and had to be put down. Waiting in the wings was Tabby who had been hanging around at a distance for a while and took the opportunity to move in. She lets the birds eat out of her bowl right in front of her nose.

Gwyneth meets Tabby

Thursday 25 June 2015

A busy Monday

We had Anna doing her aromatherapy in the morning and Magda's daughter Tessa reading stories, and then in the afternoon John Harris on the piano. He has an amazing repertoire and when it started pouring with rain we chose songs that had a theme of rain. Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head was an obvious choice and then Somewhere over the Rainbow was a beautiful one to sing along to.

Renee and Gwyneth
Iris and Gwen

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Elderflower Champagne Time

The beautiful scents of elder flowers and lemon juice means it's elderflower champagne time again.

Mary M and Angela

Gwen, Renee and Gwyneth

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Happy Birthday Magda

Magda really likes classical music and is always asking visiting musicians to play some Chopin, invariably without success. Donna found classical pianist Barry Bryant to come and play and Norman, who knows a thing or two about playing the piano, gave him ten out of ten. He could also play good old fashioned sing-a-longs too so we had the best of both worlds. Magda's daughter Kasia and her grandson and son in law came over from France and brought some wine with them which helped get the party started.

Barry introducing himself


Reg and Gwen 


Magda, Kasia and cakes

Barry in action

Happy Birthday Gwen

June is a month with lots of birthdays. Gwen's is the first and Peter Waddison (Waddo) came to entertain. 

Happy Birthday Gwen.
Dancers Mel, Andy, Heather, Kirsty and Chris

Gwen , cake and Norman

Gwen and Paul dance with Peter singing

Mary M with Carolina and Bill

Mick C and wife Nora

Heather, Norman and Carolina

Sunday 14 June 2015

All Aboard the Train

We were in good time for the 11.15 from Holt to Sheringham. The weather was a bit on the cool side so instead of getting out for our picnic we had a cup of tea and a sausage roll on the way and sandwiches and cake on the way back. (A big thank you to Pearl and Anabella for the picnic.) This was Ian's day as he loves trains, and he and a few others got out at Sheringham station for a good look round. The rest of us stayed on board for the return trip. 

Chris and Magda

A Nice cup of tea.

A Nice cup of tea 2

Full steam ahead

Mary and Trevor

Chat club does dressing up

Whenever Donna digs out her vintage clothing theres always lots of laughs to be had. Not sure whether dead foxes around your neck would be acceptable these days but they were quite the fashion once.  Renee could remember going to bed with her curlers in which was very uncomfortable.

Curler to the fore

Gwen and Magda

John tries a dress suit for size.

Poppy and Rosa

Poppy looks the part,

Out and About

It's that time of year again when we can make the most of sunny days and get out and about. Market day is a good day as there's so much to look at and people to meet. 

John and his daughter Liz

Mary, John, Iris, Tim and Reg.

Mary M and Magda