Thursday 22 December 2016

The Woodspring Christmas Party

Patsy Rose did the musical honours and got the party going. We congered and hokey-cokeyed, passed the parcel and ended with holding hands and singing auld lang syne. Special mention to the cooks for a wonderful buffet, to the staff who came in on their day off, to all the staff on duty and to our friends and relatives who helped make it a really special occasion.

Carol and Gaynor


Lin, Anabella and Pearl 
Nancy and Basil


Derrick and Donna

Glenda and Renee

Heather and Reg


Magda, her grand-daughter and great-granddaughter

Poppy and family

Christmas Jumper Day and Natterjacks

Christmas jumper day was on Friday so we combined it with the Friday chat club with Jo, aka Natterjacks. Whilst we had some good Christmas jumpers we didn't mind if it was just a santa hat or some deely boppers. The Christmas cake needed decorating so we got on with that too.


Chris, Donna and Derrick.

Ian, Renee and Chris

Jo and Gwyneth

The Christmas Pudding

Once the ingredients had been weighed Donna took the mix round for everyone to have a stir and make a wish.

Ian and Chris at work




Movement to Music

Heather's movement to music sessions on Thursdays have been going well recently.
 (Photos from 2 weeks.)

Magda and Basil



Judith, Marjorie and Mary M.

The Christmas Coffee Morning

The Christmas Coffee morning was an opportunity to meet old friends and some new ones whilst raising money for the Residents' fund. John kept an eye on the tombola stall. Thanks to everyone who helped by baking, donating for the bric a brac and helping on the day or who just came to support us.

Gaynor getting ready with Carol's sister

John and Friend and Renee

John Harris on Piano

John hasn't been for a while but it is always good when he comes. He plays a wide variety of old favourites and we had some Christmas songs too. We saved most of the Carols for his Christmas Eve visit although we did get some practice in for a few of them.

Patricia and Carol, Victoria and  Mary

Friday 16 December 2016

The Christmas Tree Festival

We've been doing our usual Christmas things and been to the Fakenham Panto (no pictures there) and to the Christmas Tree Festival at the church. 

Gwyneth, Julia and John


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Mince Pie Time

We've made good use of our homemade mince meat and made mince pies to put it in.

Basil rolling pastry

Carol and daughter Sue

Chris mixing



Winter Wonderland

We went on an outing to the Thursford Winter Wonderland and it was amazing. Everyone loved it. Afterwards we watched a film in 4D about Rocky the Reindeer. The special glasses made us look a bit like the Blues Brothers. Thanks to all our wonderful helpers.

Basil, Jess and Josh

Carol, Heather and John

Gwyneth, Penguin and Heather

Mike and June

Donna and Chris

Heather, Gwyneth and Chris

Ian and Deanne

Ian, Deanne, Renee and Heather

Deanne, Ian, Renee, Victoria and Magda

The Blues Brothers

Heather and Gwyneth

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Making the Christmas Cake

We got all the ingredients together for our Christmas cake and had a good time zesting and  weighing and smelling the spices. A little snifter of the brandy rounded off the morning nicely.

Basil smelling cinammon.

Gwyneth zesting

Ian mixing

Magda folding

Mary smelling

Patricia Weighing