Wednesday 15 April 2015

Outing to see the Lambs

Heather's daughter has lambs again and very kindly invited us to go and see them. 

Derrick  and Heather's daughter


Gwen ansd Jane

Heather, Magda and Gaynor 
Reg and Jane

Heather and John

Heather and Magda

Heather and Mary C

Heather and Mick C


Making Bird Boxes

Chat Club got the tools out to assemble some bird box kits that Donna had found. It might be a bit late for this year but we'll be ahead of the game next spring.

Gwen and Chris

Reg and wife Heather

Watch your fingers Derrick and Donna

Easter Bunny and Easter Bonnets

The Easter Bunny reappeared on Easter Sunday and distributed chocolate, love and cuddles. 

Carolina, Andy and EB

Barbara and Carolina

Chris and EB

Derrick and EB

Edna and EB

Heather and EB

EB and Joan S

Mary M and EB

Nors and EB

EB Norman

Reg and EB


Sunday 5 April 2015

Fish 'n Chips on Good Friday

Norman had told Maria that the only thing he misses is fish and chips from a chip shop and since Gaynor's husband Peter runs a fish shop we thought it would be a nice change to have 'proper' fish and chips. 

No photos of that but Poppy fancied a drop of Gaynor's coffee afterwards!

Easter Flower Arranging with Rita

Rita came to show us how to do Easter flower arrangements. You start of with a willow stem or two and build up around it. The chaps didn't mind showing their creative side too.

Gwen and Ian



Rita and Andy

Chris and Derrick

The Chaps

Spring Cleaning

We have a large collection of bits and pieces that Donna has found over the years and the household cleaning department is well stocked. Young people today have no idea how much work was involved in everyday things like washing clothes. The bar of Lifebouy soap may be pretty old but it is still quite pungent and goodness know how strong it was when it was new.  
Mary polishing brass.

Derrick gets scrubbing

Gwen, suitably attired, does the silver

Ian polishing.

Mary gets stuck in.