Tuesday 30 September 2014

The Breakthrough Bakeoff

We are joining in the Breakthrough Bake-off.
In aid Cancer Research

Thursday 16th October
10.30 am
A Coffee Morning at Woodspring House, Fakenham.

Please Bake a cake, come and buy a cake or just join us for coffee and a piece of cake

Sunday 28 September 2014

Movement to Music

Heather's away so Donna stood in, ably helped by Maria. The parachute always creates a really happy atmosphere with everyone exercising but not realising it!

Dog Handling with Ruby

Ruby the dog visited and Mick C. took charge. She's very gentle and well behaved except for the fact that she will look in all the bins for biscuits.
George says 'NO MORE BISCUITS!' 
Mick C shows his dog handling skills.

Chat Club goes to Work

Donna has a good collection of old tools. We had to guess what tools were used for what. We didn't have any carpenters in the group but Derrick found an old AA badge that reminded him of the days when the AA Patrolmen would salute members displaying the badge. How times have changed. Being a dispatch rider in the war Derrick spotted the goggles in the box but the best we could do for the helmet was a metal scoop. 
Derrick and AA Badge

Derrick ready for anything.

Magda  armed and dangerous.

Chat Club Goes Back to School

Various items from the classroom of yesteryear brought back lots of memories of favourite subjects, good and bad teachers, best friends and of course who got the cane! Renee recited the times table up to 12 and others joined in too. You had to be good at maths just to add up the money.



Mary C

Mary M

Friday Club

Jo brought in some maps which stimulated conversation about different countries that people had lived and worked in. After the World map we started narrowing it down to Europe, then the UK then the counties and then to the Fakenham town map.

Chat Club looks at TV and Radio

We talked about life before television. Derrick could remember taking the batteries of the radio to the local shop for recharging and the big tubes that needed warming up. Workers' Playtime was a favourite programme during the war and the Crazy Gang and the Clitheroe Kid came a bit later. 

The first TV's had tiny screens and no choice of channels. The test card was often the only choice for viewing except in the evenings.

The subject got on to different TV programmes and Donna found  a Sooty glove  puppet. The naughty Emu also made an appearance.

Derrick meets Emu

Ellen meets Emu

Iris and Emu

Mary M and Emu

Donna , Emu, Reg and Sooty

Tuesday 9 September 2014


CQC have been back and happily they are satisfied with all the work that has gone in to meeting their requirements. Whilst it is (in the writers opinion anyway!) perfectly feasible to be a very good home and not be compliant with CQC, spending a lot of time and effort looking at how we do things has undoubtedly improved the home and care we give. 

Whilst a special mention should go to Gaynor who has worked so hard on this, everyone has pulled together, from the kitchen, to the housekeepers, to the carers, to Frances for stepping up the training.Well done to everyone.  

The Beech Tree Goes

Even though it was interesting to watch it was a bit of a sad day on Friday as one of the beech trees was cut down. It had been inspected and deemed unsafe so there was no choice but to remove it. It was the right decision as when it was down the base of the trunk had a lot of rot in it. 

Happily the remaining tree still looks good without its neighbour and perhaps it will benefit from the extra light and water.

Tree Fellers in action

Happy Birthday Renee

For Renee's Birthday, Timescape came to entertain with a mixture of songs from the musicals. This was an inspired choice for Renee (well done Donna) as she was a leading light in Fadlos for many years and had performed a lot of the songs too. They had just the right amount of chat and background for the songs to go with the music and then afterwards sang some lovely songs for us to dance to. A Nightingale Sang In Berekely Square brought back wonderful memories for Gwen.

Andy, Barbara, Paul, Gwen and Magda


Renee, Glenda , Pearl and Cake

Renee and Glenda

Timescape do their thing.

For One Day Only...

Malachi was back in town and popped in to do an impromptu concert for us. It's great to hear the sound of the saxophone drifting round the home.